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ngEHT Siting Workshop: Building a Global Telescope

November 4, 2022 (virtual)

On November 4, 2022, from 1-5pm EST, the ngEHT will be holding an online read-ahead workshop on responsible telescope siting. 

This workshop is being hosted by the History, Philosophy and Culture Working Group as part of the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. It is designed to be a preliminary conversation, the first of many to come, on the ethics of siting telescopes around the globe, with an eye to drawing on expertise from across the sciences, social sciences, philosophy and community knowledge. We are particularly calling on areas outside of astronomy which have productively worked with local communities and deal with environmental and cultural aspects in their siting work including anthropology, conservation, and biology.

The workshop will be largely round-table in nature, with discussions being guided by a panel of experts, but with plenty of time for other attendees to discuss their own thoughts and perspectives on the topic.

Organisers: Anncy Thresher, Priya Natarajan & Peter Galison




Session 1: Lessons from Astronomy - The Good and the Bad.

      Moderator: Priya Natarajan


  • Professor Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of New Hampshire)

  • Dr Katie Kamelamela (Global Discovery and Conservation Science Center, Arizona State University)

  • Professor Hilding Nielson (Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography, Memorial University of Newfoundland & Labrador)

  • Dr Michael Johnson (Department of Astronomy, Harvard University)





Session 2: Successful Approaches and Lessons from further afield

      Moderator: Anncy Thresher


  • Professor Kelou Fox (Department of Anthropology, UC San Diego)

  • Professor Joyce Havstad (Department of Philosophy, The University of Utah)

  • Dr Tiffany Nichols (Department of History, Princeton University)

  • Dr Rafael Chiaravalloti (Department of Anthropology, UCL)





Session 3: Questions and Issues going forwards - Laying the Groundwork for Current and Potential Sites

      Moderator: Peter Galison


  • Dr Sheperd Doeleman (Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University)

  • Dr Garrett (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University)

  • Janice Houston (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University)

  • Aaron Oppenheimer (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University)

  • Professor Peter Galison (Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University)

  • Professor Priya Natarajan (Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Yale University)

  • Dr Anncy Thresher (Stanford Doerr School for Sustainability, McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University)





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