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Broadening Horizons: Exploring Multi-Band Capabilities for the ngEHT

August 22-26, 2022 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

This August, the ngEHT will be holding a workshop at the Harvard Black Hole Initiative, “Broadening Horizons: exploring multi-band capabilities for the ngEHT.” This workshop will be centered around the impact of 86 GHz capabilities on the instrument design and key science goals of the ngEHT. The primary goals of the workshop will be to determine the frequency setup for the ngEHT, folding in constraints that come from considerations of the receiver build, multi-frequency phase transfer, and interoperability with other arrays such as the GMVA, KVN, and ngVLA.

The workshop is invitation-only. Please contact the organizing committee if you would like to attend. For logistical inquiries, please contact Nicole Grenier (

The meeting schedule is here.

Meeting Organizing Committee: 

Sara Issaoun (chair)

Dom Pesce (co-chair)

Lindy Blackburn

Freek Roelofs

Svetlana Jorstad

Vincent Fish

Michael Johnson

Matt Lister

Ranjani Srinivasan

Daniel Palumbo

Gopal Narayanan

Meeting Attendees: 

Alex Tetarenko

Andrei Lobanov

Andrew Chael

Avery Broderick

Bong Won Sohn

David Frayer

Dongjin Kim

Eric Murphy

Ganesh Rajagopalan

George Wong

Guang Yao Zhao

Ivan Marti-Vidal

Jose Gomez

Kazu Akiyama

Lynn Matthews

Maria Rioja

Mark Reid

Nimesh Patel

Ram Rao

Ray Blundell

Remo Tilanus

Richard Dodson

Rob Selina

Sandra Bustamante

Shep Doeleman

Yuri Kovalev

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