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Assembling the ngEHT: Community-Driven Science to a Global Instrument

June 22-25, 2022 in Granada, Spain

By sharply enhancing the capabilities of black hole imaging, the next-generation EHT (ngEHT) is poised to revolutionize our view of horizon-scale physics through the first movies of black hole accretion dynamics, images that connect black holes directly to their galactic-scale relativistic jets, and a wealth of new black holes and explosive transients to explore.

This coming June, the ngEHT will have its first in-person collaboration meeting! The meeting will convene at the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, Spain! This ngEHT meeting will bring together experts in black hole astrophysics and VLBI technology. We will first discuss the most exciting new black hole imaging results and will connect them to ngEHT opportunities. We will then have wide-ranging talks and discussions to sharpen the ngEHT scientific vision and to make crucial architecture decisions.


There will be opportunities to present recent ngEHT-related research, to learn about and join ongoing scientific and technical efforts, and to discuss the international coordination that will be necessary to assemble a new instrument capable of visionary science within this decade.

For information about travel to Granada, lodging, COVID restrictions, and social activities, see

Please register to attend this meeting at The meeting fee is 235€, and is 117.50€ for students. We acknowledge that remaining uncertainties related to COVID may affect the meeting format, and we will announce any changes by June 1.

You can view the current meeting block schedule here.

We also have an associated Special Issue in Galaxies: "From Vision to Instrument: Creating a Next-Generation Event Horizon Telescope for a New Era of Black Hole Science."  This Special Issue will be the first series of papers developing the key science drivers and architecture of the ngEHT. The papers will be refereed and indexed, and all publication fees will be waived. Submissions are due by July 29. For additional details, see the special issue website:

Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • José L. Gómez (co-chair)

  • Michael Johnson (co-chair)

  • Avery Broderick

  • Garret Fitzpatrick

  • Heino Falcke 

  • Mareki Honma 

  • Marta Volonteri 

  • Ming-Tang Chen

  • Priya Natarajan 

  • Shep Doeleman

  • Svetlana Jorstad 

  • Yuri Kovalev

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Thalia Traianou (chair)

  • Alicia Pelegrina

  • Angelo Ricarte

  • Antonio Fuentes

  • Antxon Alberdi

  • Guang-Yao Zhao

  • Ilje Cho

  • Ioannis Myserlis

  • Marianna Foschi

  • Rocco Lico

  • Rohan Dahale

  • Teresa Toscano

You can view the current meeting schedule here.

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