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From Vision to Instrument: Designing the Next-Generation 

EHT to Transform Black Hole Science 

November 1-5, 2021

Next Steps for the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope

With the release of the first black hole image on 10 April 2019, the EHT opened a new window onto the astrophysical dramas at the event horizon. Through the addition of new telescopes and new observing bands, a next-generation EHT (ngEHT) is poised to revolutionize our view of the horizon. Improved imaging capabilities, including the prospect of movies, will enable the ngEHT to achieve a broad range of transformative science goals related to black hole accretion, jet physics, and strong-field GR.


This virtual ngEHT meeting will bring together experts in black hole astrophysics and VLBI technology. Together, we will define the primary science goals and begin the process of making key ngEHT design choices. There will be opportunities to present recent ngEHT-related research, to learn about and join ongoing scientific and technical efforts, and to discuss the international coordination that will be necessary to assemble a new instrument capable of visionary science within this decade.


Conference topics will include:

  • The ngEHT concept and vision

  • Science drivers for the ngEHT, from the horizon to the cosmos

  • Presentations on recent ngEHT-relevant science

  • New algorithms for extracting horizon-scale science

  • Simulated data “challenges”: past results and future plans

  • Status and selection of candidate ngEHT sites

  • Meeting the challenges of unprecedented data volumes

  • Interactive discussion and exploration of ngEHT design choices

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You can view the meeting schedule here

Next Steps for the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope

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